About Us

About the Non-Olympic Times

The Non-Olympic Times is a non-profit publication firmentity within the International Non-Olympic Committee chapter.

Our Constitutional responsibilities are:

  1. Develop, promote, review and evaluate policies and practices.
  2. Facilitate continuous improvement in publication.
  3. Contribute to learning and development.
  4. Contribute original research to public.
  5. Promote high standards of publication integrity and conduct.

The Non-Olympic Times also quarterly publication for Non-Olympic Sports and provides prestigious brand to support the Non-Olympic games.
We operate under the INOC Governance.We employ many staffs around the world, and have our head office in Utter Pradesh, India and Administration office in Tamilnadu, India.

About the Quality Factor

The Quality Factor (QF) of an academic journal is to measure quality in that journal. It is commonly used as a representation for the significance of a journal within its field, with journals with higher Quality Factors considered to be more important than those with lower ones. The Quality Factor was planned by Professor Dr.Mohemmed Seraj Ansari (President of International Non-Olympic Committee) &Concept was taken from Q Factor originated with K.S. Johnson of Western Electric Company's Engineering Department. Quality Factor calculated yearly for those journals that are indexed in the Journal Quality Factor Reports.

  • "Quality Factor review session, Non-Olympic Times board has been accepted 182 journals for Quality Factor Category Status to list in the Journal Quality Factor Reports" The Non-Olympic Times board today concluded its journal review session with the acceptance of its journal report, in which it recommended to grant Quality Factor Category Status to 182 of the 465 journals it considered during its review session. , Click Here